reSITE acts as a catalyst for social action and innovative leadership; an international platform to exchange ideas about making cities more livable, competitive and resilient. Based in Prague, we are at the forefront of innovative changes in Central and Eastern Europe and for the first time in the Czech Republic, are fostering collaboration, dialogue and social innovation between the public and experts in fields of design, finance and development, municipality leadership and community advocacy. Why? To stimulate action for sustainable urban design and therefore better cities. We stand for public space.

We advocate for an urban planning process that is based on a balance of quality leadership and citizen input. We promote transparency and collaboration because we have the experience to know that better urban projects are created in such an environment. We understand how to make cities better places to live, work, invest and play. The world's top experts in urban design and architecture such as Winy Maas, Enrique Peñalosa, Kees Christiaanse, Janette Sadik-Khan, Jan Gehl, Reinier de Graaf, Craig Dykers, Adrian Benepe, Greg Lindsay and Alexandros Washburn have contributed to the reSITE platform. Founded in 2011 by Fulbright Scholar, Martin Barry, reSITE has established itself as a leading voice of the beneficial intersections between urban design, politics, finance and collaboration.  Read more

reSITE is the platform to exchange ideas about making cities more livable. reSITE Festival and Conference highlight how contemporary, collaborative design can improve life in cities.

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