It is our mission at reSITE
to connect leaders across sectors
to collaborate
in order to create a city that is
more livable, competitive and resilient
for the next generation than it is for this one.

We protect and promote public space, public architecture,
recreational and working waterfronts, and sustainable mobility in cities.
We advocate for the creation of
lovable, livable cities.


reSITE is dedicated to understanding the intersection of design, policy, culture and economy in a continually urbanizing world. We are designers first. But, we know that in order to build a flexible city we need solutions from all sectors that ​can create ​positive economic, social and environmental impact. reSITE was founded in 2011​ ​​as a non-profit (spolek) organization based in Prague. Martin Barry, Regina Loukotova and Milota Sidorova were founding members of the non​-​profit organization in the Czech Republic.

Since our founding in 2011 reSITE has become...

  • a global thought leader on urban solutions for sustainable cities;
  • change maker for Central and Eastern European (CEE) urban planning;
  • first organization in CEE bridging the gap between politicians, investors, designers and the public;
  • organizer of a premier architecture and urbanism event in Europe;

We have organized more than 60 events about urban development, architecture and innovation.​ We are actively expanding in Europe and seeking opportunities overseas.


  • the most important need of 21st century cities is to create local economies, policies and tactics that support equitable, vibrant and resilient urban living.
  • design should engage with science, politics, economics and culture for the purpose of innovation in city planning.
  • younger generations want to live and work in cities with high quality architecture, public space and alternative transit. These features also increase real estate values and the overall competitiveness of the city.
  • we need to create an open environment for productive dialogue between the public, private and civic nonprofit sector.


  • reSITE Advisory - establish a leading advisory to advise the public, private and civic sector on emerging international trends, creative branding, sustainable planning, investment strategies and economic impact of development.
  • reSITE Conference & Festival - continue to organize a leading international event with innovative and targeted workshops, films and public engagement activities. Organize in cities across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.
  • reSITE Media and Collaborative Platform - develop our digital media arm and web platform to build and collaborate on urban projects


More than 300 leading personalities from around the world have presented their views in Prague at reSITE events. These experts include Professor Saskia Sassen of Columbia University; Cecil Balmond, engineer and philosopher; Jón Gnarr, former mayor of Reykjavík; Enrique Peńalosa, former mayor of Bogotá; Janette Sadik-Khan, commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation; architect of the Superkilen park, Martin Rein-Cano; Alexandros Washburn, Chief Urban Designer of New York City, and James Corner, landscape architect and urban designer, both linked to the High Line project in NYC; Craig Dykers from the Norwegian studio Snohetta; Michael Sorkin, urbanist and architectural critic; Reinier de Graaf, urbanist from the cutting-edge studio OMA; Michael Kimmelman, architecture and urbanism critic from The New York Times; Edward Glaeser, professor and urban economist from Harvard University; Adriaan Geuze, architect and urbanist from studio West 8; Greg Lindsay from the World Economic Forum, Adrian Benepe, former Commissioner of Parks in NYC for Mayor Bloomberg; Greg Lindsay from the World Economic Forum and Fast Company; Mark Johnson, owner of CIVITAS urban design; Barbara Wilks, principal of W Architecture the studio responsible for the award-winning St. Patrick’s Island park in Calgary; Benedetta Tagliabue, principal of EMBT who designed La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, and Winy Maas, of the leading Dutch architecture studio, MVRDV. They all contributed to making reSITE one of the biggest, the most innovative and most engaged festivals on urban design and development, public space and architecture in Europe.

10 goals:
  •  Bridge the gap between designers, NGOs, municipal leaders, developers / investors

  •  Increase awareness of international standards for urban design and planning

  •  Encourage collaboration between design disciplines

  •  Identify hurdles to proper planning in the Czech Republic

  •  Advocate for institutional change in Czech planning and development

  •  Highlight visionary leadership that fosters creative, economically viable solutions

  •  Be a catalyst for public and private action

  •  Engage the public in urban events, increasing sensitivity to urban environments

  •  Host international design competitions that encourage diverse teams to challenge the status quo in public space design

  •  Make urban design cool