reSITE 2016

16 – 17 June 2016
Prague, Czech Republic


reSITE and the City of Prague Institute for Planning and Development are excited to host reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration on 16-17 June 2016 at the Forum Karlin in Prague. This will be the 5th annual reSITE conference and festival.

reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration will explore architecture, real estate development, human networks, public policy, public space and public transportation that integrates new residents sustainably and successfully. Together with the best thought leaders in the world we will debate how design, urban planning, policy, finance and shared values can improve our quality of life while creating more resilient and economically competitive cities.

All cities experience migration. Period. Whether it is intercultural, transnational, intergenerational or interurban, the impact is ultimately spatial. The current immigration crisis in Europe and the West has revealed an unexpected experiential gulf between western countries in Europe and new EU member states. This is one of the major challenges of our generation. We will meet it. reSITE 2016 will explain how.

As always, reSITE is interested in bridging the gaps between design, policy, finance and community participation in order to build a more equitable, livable, competitive and resilient city. We seek to design a city that it is better for the next generation than it is for this one.

What does this mean for the design of public space, transportation, housing and public architecture?

How can real estate developers and politicians adapt their urban development plans to avoid creating isolated ghettos for new residents?

How have these challenges been met by other city leaders?

How have smart, 21st century leaders made integration a cultural and economic benefit?

Conference program 2016

Day 1

1110 Special Lecture
1130 Discussion Panel:
1255 LUNCH
1340 Special Lecture
1400 Urban combine:
1430 Discussion Panel:
Public Space, Urban Planning and Architectural Design

Day 2

0945 Keynote address
1110 Special Lecture
11:30 Discussion Panel:
1255 LUNCH
1340 Special Lecture
1400 Ideas Yard:
1430 Interactive workshop
1620 Keynote address

Past speakers

Speakers 2015

James Corner

James Corner Field Operations • Founder • NYC

Read full bio

Jon Gnarr

Сomedian, author, former mayor • Reykjavik

Read full bio

Michael Sorkin

Architect, Professor • City College of New York • NYC

Read full bio

Greg Clark

Urban Land Institute • Senior Fellow • London

Read full bio

Henk Ovink

Rebuild by Design • Washington D.C. • Special Envoy for International Water Affairs • The Netherlands

Read full bio

Gabu Heindl

Gabu Heindl Architektur • Founder, Owner • Vienna

Read full bio

Greg Lindsay

Fast Company • Contributing writer • NYC

Read full bio

Hiroki Matsuura

Maxwan • Partner • Rotterdam

Read full bio

Adriana Krnacova

City of Prague • Mayor • Prague

Read full bio

Jaroslav Andel

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art • Artistic Director-at-large • Prague

Read full bio

Kristien Ring

Self Made City, Berlin • Curator • Berlin

Read full bio

Karol Piekarski

Miasto Ogrodów • New media programme manager • Katowice

Read full bio

Vitek Jezek

Rekola • Project coordinator • Prague

Read full bio

Adam Gebrian

AG-ENT • Founder, Architecture Critic • Prague

Read full bio

Szilvia Zsargo

Mindspace • Founding member • Budapest

Read full bio

Valentyna Zotova

CANactions • Director • Kyiv

Read full bio

Marek Stepa

Deputy Mayor of Gdynia for Development Issues • City of Gdynia • Gdynia

Read full bio

Karolina Mikova

PDCS • Director • Bratislava

Read full bio

Jana Drapalova

City of Brno - Novy Liskovec • Mayor • Brno

Read full bio

Michal Hladky

Vychodne Pobrezie • Minister of Panic • Director of European City of Culture Kosice 2013 • Kosice

Read full bio

Matej Hollan

City of Brno • Deputy Mayor • Brno

Read full bio

Martin Kalab

Wiener Linien Marketing • Head of Advertising • Vienna

Read full bio

Pavla Melkova

Prague Institute of Planning & Development • Director of the Urban Design Section • Prague

Read full bio

Tessza Udvarhelyi

The City is For All • Co-founder • Budapest

Read full bio

Gyula Balog

The City is For All • Activist • Budapest

Read full bio

Petr Navrat

Prague Institute of Planning and Development • Team leader for public participation in planning • ONplan • Founding partner • Prague

Read full bio

Samu Szemerey

Design Terminal • Adviser • Budapest

Read full bio

Lukas Feireiss

Studio Lukas Feireiss • Owner, Curator • Aedes • Advisory Board Member • Berlin

Read full bio

Rob Khazzam

Uber • International Launcher • Toronto

Read full bio

Tanja Lahti

City of Helsinki Urban Facts • Project Manager • Helsinki

Read full bio

Anna Matouskova

Deputy Minister of Culture • Prague

Read full bio

Alfredo Brillembourg

Urban-Think Tank • Founding Partner • Caracas, Zurich

Read full bio

Sonja Heikkila

Tekes • Senior Adviser • Helsinki

Read full bio

Martin Barry

Founding director • reSITE • Prague

Read full bio

Mark Johnson

CIVITAS • Founder & President • Denver

Read full bio

Petr Hlavacek

Prague Institute of Planning and Development • Director • Prague

Read full bio

Matej Stropnicky

City of Prague • Deputy Mayor • Prague

Read full bio

Barbara Wilks

W Architecture & Landscape Architecture • Founder • New York

Read full bio

Pavel Kysilka

Ceska sporitelna • Chairman of the Management Board • Prague

Read full bio

Tomas Hudecek

City of Prague • Former Mayor • Prague

Read full bio

Marek Dospiva

PENTA • Founding Partner • Prague

Read full bio

Osamu Okamura

reSITE • program director • Prague

Read full bio

Marketa Ubikova

Ciste nebe • Director • Prague

Read full bio

Andreas Schwab

Vienna Central Station • Deputy Project Manager and Senior Expert • Vienna

Read full bio

Anna Sienicka

TechSoup Foundation • Director • Warsaw

Read full bio

Tomas Rakos

Democracy 2.1 • Prague

Read full bio

Milota Sidorova

reSITE • coordinator • Prague

Read full bio

Stepan Ripka

Platform for Social Housing • Executive Chairman • Prague

Read full bio

Jiri Klokocka

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture • Architect, urbanist • Ghent • TU Liberec • Liberec

Read full bio

Bohdan Blahovec

Screenwriter, film director • Prague

Read full bio

Michael Brown

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation • CEO • Calgary

Read full bio

Peter Brocka

City of Trnava • Mayor • Trnava

Read full bio

Jiri Ctyroky

Prague Institute of Planning and Development • Director of Spatial Information Section • Prague

Read full bio

Leos Novotny

LEO Express • CEO • Prague

Read full bio

Stefan Aue

Haus der Welt • Coordinator • Berlin

Read full bio

Pavlina Kvapilova

Freelance journalist • Prague

Read full bio

Jiri Sulzenko

Pilsen 2015 • Programme director • Pilsen

Read full bio

Helena Doudova

Curator • Berlin, Prague

Read full bio

Yvette Vasourkova

Centre for Central European Architecture • Founding member • Prague

Read full bio

Speakers 2014

Edward Glaeser

Harvard University • Economist • Professor

Read full bio

Adriaan Geuze

WEST8 • Founder • Rotterdam

Read full bio

Eugene Asse

Moscow School of Architecture • Dean • Moscow

Read full bio

Michel Desvigne

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste • Founder • Paris

Read full bio

Tomas Hudecek

Mayor • Prague

Read full bio

Marco Clausen

Prinzessinnengarten • Co-founder • Berlin

Read full bio

Marek Janiak

Chief Architect • Łódź

Read full bio

Pavel Hnilicka

Prague Institute of Planning and Development • Advisor • Prague
Read full bio

Michael Brown

Municipal Land Corporation • CEO • Calgary

Read full bio

Tereza Stockelova

ProAlt • Sociologist, Activist • Prague

Read full bio

Christian Potiron

European City of Culture • Deputy Program Director for Participation • Pilsen
Read full bio

Sandor Finta

Chief Architect of Budapest • Budapest

Read full bio

Irena Vostracka

Urban Development Department • Director • Pilsen

Read full bio

Joanna Erbel

Activist • Warsaw

Read full bio

Milota Sidorova

reSITE • Project manager / coordinator • Prague

Read full bio

Osamu Okamura

reSITE • Program Director • Prague

Read full bio

Karima Nigmatulina

Research and Project Institute of General Plan for the City of Moscow • Acting Director • Moscow

Read full bio

Benedetta Tagliabue

EMBT • Co-Founder • Barcelona

Read full bio

Margaret Newman

Executive Director • Municipal Art Society • NYC

Read full bio

Mark Johnson

CIVITAS • Founder & President • Denver

Read full bio

Karel Schwarzenberg

TOP09 • President • Prague

Read full bio

Tomas Ctibor

Prague Institute of Planning and Development • Director • Prague
Read full bio

Nicolas Buchoud

Cercle Grand Paris de l'Investissement Durable • President • Paris
Read full bio

Vladimir Ledecky

Spissky Hrhov • Mayor

Read full bio

Petr Palicka

PENTA • Project director • Prague

Read full bio

Oksana Galenko

Head of Planning Department • Kiev

Read full bio

Vasa J. Perovic

Bevk Perovic Architects • Founder • Ljublana

Read full bio

Filip Wanstrom

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT AB • Project manager • Kista
Read full bio

Adam Gebrian

Architecture Critic • Prague

Read full bio

Juval Dieziger

Holzmarkt25 • Berlin

Read full bio

Mario Husten

Holzmarkt25 • Berlin

Read full bio

Andrey Grinev

Chairman of The Union of the Creative Territories • Moscow

Read full bio

Heiko Roehl

Environment Manager • Freiburg

Read full bio

Vit Maslo

Co-founder • CMC Architects • Prague

Read full bio

Michael Kimmelman

The New York Times • Architecture Critic • NYC

Read full bio

Adam Greenfield

Urbanscale • Founder • Director • NYC

Read full bio

Stig L. Andersson

SLA • Founder, Creative Director • Copenhagen

Read full bio

Martin Barry

reSITE • Founder, Director • Prague

Read full bio

Ivan Kucina

Belgrade International Architecture Week • Co-Founder, Program Director • Belgrade
Read full bio

Jan Ludvik

Karlin Group • General Manager • Prague

Read full bio

Daniel Herman

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic • Minister • Prague
Read full bio

Vera Jourova

Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic • Minister • Prague
Read full bio

David Chisholm

CMC Architects • Co-Founder • Prague

Read full bio

Florian Kohl

FAT Koehl Architects • Founder • Berlin

Read full bio

Daniella Huszar

KEK • Budapest

Read full bio

Niombo Lomba

City Councillor • Stuttgart

Read full bio

Jan Kasl

Best Development • Company Executive • Prague

Read full bio

Grzegorz Piatek

Centrum Architektury • Architecture Critic, Editor • Warsaw

Read full bio

Petr Navrat

ONplan Lab • Co-founder • Prague

Read full bio

Jan Svejnar

Columbia University • Professor, Economist • NYC

Read full bio

Speakers 2013

Adrian Benepe

Director of City Park Development / Trust for Public Land / Former Commissioner of Parks, The City of New York • New York

Enrique Penalosa

Former Mayor of Bogota • Colombia • NYC

Charlie Hughes

Chairman / Smart Futures • Chichester

Judit Carrera

Director of European Prize for Urban Public Space / CCCB • Barcelona

Artur Celinski

Journalist / Res Publica Nova • Warsaw

David Chisholm

Partner / CMC Architects • Prague

Petr Palicka

Project director / Penta Investments • Prague

Gabor Bindics

Partner / Cultural Centre Dunaj, Stara trznica Alliance • Bratislava

Florian Kohl

Partner / FATKoehl Architects • Berlin

Bence Turanyi

Founder / 2Ta • Budapest

Jolana Rihova

Project manager / Promeny Foundation • Prague

Tomáš Cach

Advisor / The City of Prague • Prague

Barbara Wilks

Founder / W Architecture & Landscape Architecture • New York

Stefan Rettich

Partner / KARO* architects • Leipzig

Michael Winfrey

Chief Economic Correspondent for CEE Region / Reuters • Prague

Vladimír Sitta

Founder / Terragram / Sydney • Prague

Klára Gajduskova

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors / Ceska Sporitelna Foundation • Prague

Winy Maas

Cofounder / MVRDV • Rotterdam

Kees Christiaanse

/ Founder / KCAP Architects & Planners • Rotterdam

Alexandros E. Washburn

Chief of Urban Design / The City of New York • NYC

Pavel Hnilicka

Advisor • City Development Authority Prague • Prague

Tomáš Hudecek

Deputy Mayor of Prague • The City of Prague

Petra Havelska

Partner / Marko&Placemakers • London

Maria Aiolova

Cofounder / Terreform ONE • NYC

Jonas Norsted

Partner / Studio Oslo • Oslo

Pavel Jansta

Vice Mayor of Vodnany • Vodnany

Jan Farsky

Mayor of Semily • Semily

Tomas Hanacek

Organizer / Trencin si Ty • Trencin

Boris Palmer

Mayor of Tuebingen • Germany

Irakli Eristavi

Partner / zerozero Architects • Presov • Kosice

Nigel Atkins

Associate Professor of Urban Planning / Sorbonne University / Paris • Abu Dhabi

Martin Barry

Director / reSITE • New York

Milota Sidorova

Lead Coordinator, Manager / reSITE • Prague

Allen Zerkin

Associate Professor / NYU University • NYC

Vaclav Mencl

Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic • Prague

Paul Koch

Former Director of ING Real Estate Development • Prague & Paris

Greg Lindsay

Journalist and Visiting Scholar / Fast Company and New York University • NYC

Shriya Malhotra

Founder / Partizaning • Moscow

Ginés Garrido

Founder / Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos Asociados • Madrid

Tania Ruiz

Visual Artist / Paris • Malmo

Cecil Balmond

Founder / Balmond Studio • London

Lukas Sokol

Manager Urban Design Studio / Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council • Abu Dhabi

Tomas Ctibor

Deputy Director / City Development Authority • Prague

Pavla Melkova

Director / City Development Authority • Prague

Illah van Oijen

Organizer / Stara trznica Alliance • Bratislava

Tomasz Ossowicz

Director of Wroclaw Development / Chief Urban Planner • The City of Wroclaw

Erik Cipera

Deputy Director / Asistence • Prague

Reinhard Kropf

Partner / Helene&Hard Architects • Stavanger

Jan Macháček

Journalist / Respekt • Prague

Michal Mejstřík

Economist / CERGE • Prague

Norman Eisen

Economist / CERGE • Prague

Tomáš Sedláček

NERV • Prague

Raumlabor Berlin

Speakers 2012

Jan Gehl

Principal, Gehl Architects • Kopenhagen, Denmark

Reinier de Graaf

Partner, Office for Metropolitan Architecture [OMA] • Rotterdam

Janette Sadik-Khan

Commissioner, Department of Transportation • New York City

Alexandros E. Washburn

Chief Urban Designer, Department of City Planning • New York, USA

Craig Dykers

Principal, Snohetta • New York City & Oslo, Norway

Lisa Diedrich

Editor in Chief, SCAPE Magazine of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism • Munich, Germany

Raumlabor Berlin

Ira Saul Rubenstein

Czech Green Building Council • Prague, Czech Republic

Jakub Cigler

Principal, Cigler Marani Architects • Prague, Czech Republic

Vincent Marani

Architect, Cigler Marani Architects • Prague, Czech Republic

Cyril Pavlu

Co-organizer urbanACT • Prague, Czech Republic

Katerina Vondrova

Co-organizer urbanACT • Prague, Czech Republic

Marek Prokupek

Co-organizer urbanACT • Prague, Czech Republic

Igor Kovačevič

Centre for Central European Architecture • Prague, Czech Republic

Robert Sedlák

project manager, Partnerství Foundation • Brno, Czech Republic

Anthony Caine

CEO Acred • Prague

Danilo Capasso

N.EST Napoliest • Naples, Italy

Martin Joseph Barry

Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Professor / Czech Technical University / W Architecture and Landscape Architecture • NYC and Prague, Czech Republic

Adam Gebrian

AG-ENT • Prague, Czech Republic

Jan Ludvík

President of Karlín Group - Prezident Karlín Group • Prague, Czech Republic

Nigel Atkins

Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Paris Sorbonne University • Paris and Prague

Michal Volf

Architect and Co-founder, Space Factory • Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Štěpánek

Commissioner, Department of Environment, Energetics and Bike Transportation , City of Prague / the Green Party • Prague, Czech Repub

Milota Sidorová

reSITE Coordinator, Project Manager • Post Gradual Candidate, Slovak Agricultural University, Nitra

Henry Hanson

Center for the Future • Slavonice, Czech Republic

Tomáš Hudeček

Deputy Mayor of Prague • Prague, Czech Republic

David Kašpar

Program Supervisor / Street for Art • Prague, Czech Republic

Nahid Majid

director, Design Council Cabe • London, UK

Daniel Mourek

Greenways Supervisor / Nadace Partnerstvi • Prague, Czech Republic

Michael Rink

Consultant to the Chief Urban Planner • City of Hamburg, Germany

Jiří Suchánek

director, Nadace OKD • Ostrava, Czech republic

Leoš Vrzalík

Business Development Director Skanska a.s. • Prague, Czech Republic

Aleksandra Udženija

City Councilor Prague 2 • City of Prague, Czech Republic

Matúš Vallo

Co-Founder, ValloSadovsky Architects • Bratislava, SVK

Igor Marko

FoRM Associates • London, UK

Petra Havelská

architecture + communication • London, UK

Ivana Pasečná

2ka • Bratislava, SVK

Katarína Boháčová

Remix Architects • Bratislava, Slovakia

Jiří Koten

Demoplan • Prague, CR

Martin Rein-Cano

Topotek 1, Landscape architects • Berlin, Germany

Krištof Hanzlík

Collaborative Collective • Prague, CR

Paul Koch

former director of ING Real Estate Development Czech Republic and France • Prague, Czech Republic and Paris, France

Soňa Dederová

project manager, Czech-German Fund For The Future • Prague, CR

Veronika Bednářová

Journalist, Reporter in Lidové noviny • Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Lešek

senior architect and executive director, Projektil Architekti • Prague, Czech Republic

Regina Loukotová

rector of ARCHIP – Architectural Institute in Prague, co-organizer of reSITE • Prague, Czech Republic

Roman Koucký

Roman Koucký Architectural Office • Prague, Czech Republic

Radek Špicar

Vice President, Board of Directors, Confederation of Industry in the Czech Republic • Prague

Conference location

Karlin forum
Prague, Czech Republic


Where is reSITE Conference 2016 being held?

The conference will be held at the Forum Karlin in Prague 8 on June 16-17, 2016. Several meeting rooms will be available to accommodate business meetings and informal breakout sessions. All rooms are climate-controlled and smoking is prohibited in the indoor spaces. Dining will take place in the courtyard of the building, weather permitting.

What time does the conference begin and end?

Please check the conference program before arriving. The conference is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am and concludes at 6:00 pm on the 16th and 17th of June 2016. Check your conference pass. Passes are sold for either one-day entry or two-day entry. On-site conference check-in and registration commences around 8:30 am on Thursday 16 June.

In what language will reSITE 2016 be held? Will there be simultaneous translation available?

The conference is simultaneously translated into English and Czech.

Will I be able to refund VAT from the ticket price?

Yes, if you register as a company or freelancer you can use the registration invoice to refund VAT according to the Czech law 235/2004.

Is there a discount for conference passes if I buy them early?

Yes. Buy early and save. Discounted passes will be sold as follows: 15% discount before 28 February, 10% discount from March 1 to April 30 and full price after May 1. A premium fee will be added if purchased after 12 June. Early purchase tickets will grant the same access as the normally priced tickets.

How do I get to reSITE 2016?

Closest metro stop is Krizikova (Yellow line) and tram stop Krizikova situated in Sokolovska street (tram number 3 and 8) v Sokolovské ulici (tram 3 a 8).

What is the dress code for reSITE Conference 2016?

The conference does not have a dress code. Most conference participants will dress in business casual. Open toed shoes and shorts are not recommended. Check the weather for the region before you pack so you will know what to expect of the climate.

Can I get a refund if I already bought a ticket and cannot come to the conference?

Please get in touch with us until June 5 2016. The amount of refund is 50% due to administrative costs. After June 10 cancellation requests only due to special reasons (family, sickness etc) will be considered.

How can I register for reSITE 2016?

Please visit this registration page .We strongly advise online registration via the reSITE website. Register prior to 12 June in order to avoid a late registration fee. If you have special demands or additional questions please contact us via

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers entry into the conference venue (depending on whether you purchase a one or two-day pass). Additionally, coffee, water, snacks at coffee breaks (2 per day) and lunch are included. The conference will have one general session per day with a total of four keynote lectures (45-minutes) and four special lectures (20-minutes) from world-recognized thought leaders in addition to four discussion panels over the course of the two-day conference. Making new friends and colleagues or talking with the experts is also included.

I have special diet needs. Whom can I contact about this?

Please write us before 05 June 2016 at Please be sure to include onsite contact information, such as a cell phone number, in case there are any additional questions.

How can I reserve a hotel or other accommodation for reSITE Conference?

Our partner hotel for 2016 is The Emblem hotel .

My company would like to advertise or sponsor this event. Whom can I contact?

Please e-mail Marketa via .

Whom can I contact should I have other questions?

For general inquiries, please contact . We will do our best to respond to your email in 3-5 days.